Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Tale of Two Cities, chapters 2 and 3

CHAPTER 2: Complete with the missing information.

a.     __________________ owned a wine-shop in Saint-Antoine, where everybody was ___________and ______________.
b.      ____________ and ______________ were the new customers.
c.       Monsieur Defarge took them upstairs to a room that was _______________, because _______________ was afraid if the door was unlocked.
d.      Before she met him, Lucie felt _____________ of her own father.
e.       Dr Manette was a ____________________ man, he was making _______________.
f.       He said his name was ______________________.
g.      Dr Manette didn’t recognise ___________________ but apparently he recognised Lucie’s hair.
h.      They decided to take him out of ____________________.
i.        Dr Manette did everything he was told because ____________________________.
j.        ____________________ was the only person who saw Mr Lorry, Lucie and Dr Manette leave the city.


1.      What or who are these?
Old Bailey?
Charles Darnay?
Sydney Carton?
Mr Stryver?
Miss Pross?

2.      Answer:

a.       Why did Charles Darnay go on a trial?
b.      Where had Lucie and Dr Manette met Mr Darnay?
c.       Who helped Mr Darnay in the trial? What did he do?
d.      Five years had passed and Dr Manette had changed. What was different in him?
e.       Mr Darnay and Mr Carton didn’t like each other very much. Why was Mr Carton jealous of Mr Darnay?


Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Tale of Two Cities: Map of England and France

Spot the cities where the story takes place.

A Tale of Two Cities, Chapter 1


1. Read paragraphs 1 and 2 ... What were the differences and similarities between France and England in 1775? What calls your attention in paragraph 1?

2. Two people worked at Tellson's bank, who? Which message did these people communicate each other?

3. Had Mr Lorry and Miss Manette met before? When?

4. What do we learn about Lucie's parents and her early life?

5. What were the good and the bad news about Lucie's father?

Sunday, 6 September 2015